High quality loose leaf tea + everything you need to make a great cup.

A fine cup of tea is an experience everyone deserves to savor – that’s why we make that experience as easy as possible. We thoughtfully include the necessary tools to fully enjoy each cup free with your order.

Everything you need to make a great cup of tea is free with your order

  • Unbleached tea bags
  • A wooden measuring scoop
  • Brewing instructions

+ Free shipping
on all orders over $20

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Maker’s Tea is a proud supporter of the

Helping to support our environment with each bag sold

Tea equals trees

Every 10 pounds of tea sold = 1 tree planted

planted since 2017

2 cups
for only $2 bucks

We promise to bring you the finest, most intriguing teas the world has to offer. To give you the means to make that tea easily and confidently where ever you are.

To be environmentally and socially conscious in all aspects of the business. From working only with small, locally owned-growers to using environmentally friendly packaging.

To help demystify loose leaf tea and explain its health and wellness benefits in a clear manner.

And of course to never over-steep.