Tea with a purpose

Andy by a streamHi, I’m Andy the owner and creator of Maker’s Tea.

Tea has been a part of my life since I was a teenager looking for a way to differentiate myself from the coffee crowd. It took on a different level of importance after a cancer diagnosis in my early 30s. What was once a good alternative to coffee had become a tool for fighting off a life-threatening disease. Little did I know that this magical little leaf had a lot more in store for me.

With a sudden abundance of downtime, I took the opportunity to immerse myself in the seemingly endless depth of tea knowledge that has amassed over the last 2000 years. I’d learn that not only is tea packed with healthy antioxidants, but it has amazing depth of flavor and is steeped (pun!) in a rich cultural traditional the world over.  The more I learned, the more I was hooked. But why didn’t I learn all this back when I was younger? Shouldn’t this just be common knowledge?

The learning curve for loose leaf tea can be a bit intimidating, especially growing up in the US where coffee dominates the cafes. There was a lot that was confusing to me – what makes one tea green and another black? Why are some shaped into balls while others are only dust? Why does water temperature matter and how would I even go about doing that? It seemed overly complicated, especially when I considered all the potential good that can come with tea. There had to be an easier way – the seed for Maker’s Tea was planted.

I’m happy to say I’ve been cancer free and a steady 6-cup-a-day tea drinker ever since. My goal now is to help others get over that initial hurdle and understand the benefits to health, lifestyle and overall happiness that tea can bring to them. That’s why I’m focusing on breaking down those barriers to make  loose leaf tea accessible to any one who’s interested.

Maker’s Tea is headquartered in beautiful Rochester, New York. All of our tea is thoughtfully sourced direct from small growers around the world. We pride ourselves on establishing relationships with small, independent tea farms, many of whom have been in the tea business for generations. We believe in supporting small growers and know that the love and attention they put into their craft shines through in every cup.

That’s who we are and what we’re about. Tell us a bit about you – Drop us a line.