Dragonwell Imperial Green Tea

A grapefruit raised by dragons in the woods, grows up to become green tea.


Fills 7 tea bags

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Helps to promote

  • A strong immune system1
  • Heart and cardiovascular health2

You'll love it if you like

  • Bright citrus flavors like grapefruit and orange
  • Lush green forests or homegrown veggies
  • Getting plenty of vitamin C and antioxidants
  • A quiet moment on a still lake

Inside each order

  • High quality loose leaf tea
  • Unbleached tea bags
  • A wooden measuring scoop
  • Brewing instructions


Green tea


~60mg per 8oz cup


7-14Tea Cup
7-14 cups (per ounce)
when re-steeped up to 2 times

Best to drink

After breakfast or lunch


Zhejiang, China
Zhejiang Province, China


Dragonwell is known as Longjing in the Chinese villages of the Zhejiang Province, where this tea is grown. Legend has it that the name comes from a water well in Longjing village, where collecting rainwater created a swirling shape that looked like a traditional Chinese dragon.

Our Dragonwell Imperial Green Tea is a bright, crisp and refreshing green tea that will take you outdoors wherever you enjoy it. This tea offers rich layers of flavor – hints of grapefruit and orange lead to a smooth, green vegetable finish. And it’s also really good for you, with high concentrations of vitamin C, amino acids and antioxidants.



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How to make

Scoop Icon Measure
per 8 oz cup
Temperature Icon Heat water to
Time Icon Let steep for
Re-steep up to 2 times
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