Honey Aroma Oolong Tea

A sweet and nutty oolong, direct from the mountains of Taiwan.


Fills 6 tea bags

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Helps to promote

  • Maintenance of a healthy body weight1
  • Heart and cardiovascular health2

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  • Savoring a sweet surprise
  • Honey Nut Cheerios or pecan pie
  • Handmade wonders, direct from their maker

Inside each order

  • High quality loose leaf tea
  • Unbleached tea bags
  • A wooden measuring scoop
  • Brewing instructions


Oolong tea


~65mg per 8oz cup


6-18Tea Cup
6-18 cups (per ounce)
when re-steeped up to 3 times


Chiayi County, Taiwan
Chiayi County, Taiwan


Our Honey Aroma Oolong Tea is hand-picked from a friendly tea farm in the Alishan Mountains of Taiwan. We work directly with the tea farmers to bring you this beautifully rolled, intricate ball of sweet deliciousness. The unique taste is a result of recent weather patterns in Chiayi County where it’s grown. If you take a moment to look closely at each leaf, you’ll be amazed by the myriad of greens and browns you will discover.

Add some hot water and watch in wonder as each leaf unfurls to its original full-leaf form. The resulting brew is a silky, light amber with an inviting nutty fragrance. This tea has no honey added to it, but your taste buds will tell you otherwise. The sweetness is soft and lingers like a dollop of honey would. As your cup cools, the sweet honey flavor is joined by hints of lavender and fresh greenery.

Taiwan Tea Fields
The green fields and friendly growers that make our Honey Aroma Oolong Tea.
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How to make

Scoop Icon Measure
per 8 oz cup
Temperature Icon Heat water to
Time Icon Let steep for
Re-steep up to 3 times
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