Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea

A bright, refreshing, organic Japanese green tea.


Fills 6 tea bags

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Helps to promote

  • A strong immune system1
  • Heart and cardiovascular health2

You'll love it if you like

  • Grassy
  • Slightly sweet
  • Green vegetables

Inside each order

  • High quality loose leaf tea
  • Unbleached tea bags
  • A wooden measuring scoop
  • Brewing instructions


Green tea


~30mg per 8oz cup


6-18Tea Cup
6-18 cups (per ounce)
when re-steeped up to 3 times


Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan


Our Japanese Sencha Green Tea is organically grown by the tea farmers of Shizuoka Prefecture right under the shadow of Mt. Fuji. The area has produced high-quality green tea for over 800 years and is the top tea producing region of Japan. The name Shizuoka translates to ‘tranquil hills’, referring to the mild climate, the sunshine, and the unique coastal fog of this heavenly area. This environment produces a tea with a very high percentage of amino acid and theanine.¬†Even with these ideal conditions, production quality can vary across Japan but our certified Organic Sencha is guaranteed to have been produced according to the strict guidelines of the Japan Agricultural Standard.

The Japanese are famous for their green tea for a reason – the bright, refreshing, vegetable taste and high antioxidant content of their tea is hard to replicate. Unlike a Chinese green tea, Japanese green tea¬†leaves are picked and immediately steamed, locking in the freshness of the spring-picked leaf. The vibrance is evident in the rich, grassy flavor that gives way to a lingering, slightly sweet finish. It’s not a common taste in the US, but after only a few cupfuls, we think you’ll find amazing depth in its flavor. The Japanese drink multiple cups per day – and we think they’re on to something good.

Shizuoka Tea Fields
The Shizuoka Tea Fields of Japan.


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How to make

Scoop Icon Measure
per 8 oz cup
Temperature Icon Heat water to
Time Icon Let steep for
Re-steep up to 3 times
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