Clay Tea Pot and Tea Cups

Try something fresh and different – a tea tasting with Maker's Tea

Sit back and enjoy while you and your guests sample great teas from all over the world. Hear the story of each tea and a bit about what makes it so great. All from the comfort of your business, home or event. Sign up below.

What to expect at a tasting

Sit back while we prepare and serve a tasting of up to 6 teas, selected for you and your guests. We bright everything needed - complete with tasting cups and palate cleansers.

A tasting usually last between 60 and 90 minutes. Here's what we cover:

  • Background on where tea comes from and how it's made
  • A comparison of different quality teas and their health benefits
  • Tips on tasting and selecting teas
  • A tasting cup filled to the brim (up to 6 times)
  • Background on each tea being served
  • An overview of all available Maker's Tea varieties

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for a 90 minute tasting session

We'd love to come do a tasting at your business or next event. Purchase a voucher below and we'll get it on the schedule.

Here's the only things you need:

  • People (in groups of 2-6)
  • A meeting space in the Rochester, NY area
  • Sink and electrical outlet

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How it works

  1. Purchase a tasting voucher
  2. Schedule a time
  3. Invite your guests
  4. Sit back, sip and smile
At a Maker's Tea tea tasting

Why host a tasting

  • You get to try great teas!
  • You don't have to go anywhere - we come to you!
  • 25% off your next order (up to $100)
  • It's a fun, interactive and healthy way to entertain your guests
  • Learn interesting facts about tea and how it can benefit you

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There's no pressure to purchase tea - it's not a sales pitch, it's a tasting party!

Tastings canceled within 48 hours of the event will recieve a full refund. Tasting vouchers not used within 60 days of purchase will be nullified and refunded. Maker's Tea reserves the right to not accept tasting requests.

Have a question? Feel free to contact us.